Happy post-post-post Thanksgiving.  Post.  We’re starting to get somewhere!  Despite an even later comic, I think I’m actually getting faster at this (I took a little time off for the holiday).  I also changed the speech font to one I didn’t make, I like it a little more, the letters are a little more consistent.

Can you find the missing name tag?  Last strip had one too 😛

I’m still working on sizes and readability.  If you ever can’t read something, try clicking on the ‘transcript’ below the comic.  You shouldn’t have to (which is my fault), but until I work out the kinks, it’s there.

Time for lunch!  I’m starving.

↓ Transcript
So who's Mr. Brogan? What's his deal?
It's just 'Brogan.'
Is he presenting too?
Not exactly. He's a glorified mascot and required to come.
Uh, sir...what the hell is that?
Gentlemen, welcome to Gattacon~
Don't make eye contact.
You're with Traeger Moffatt? Can I talk to you?
But I...
Fuck off.
Keep moving.
What the hell was that?
Lots of exhibitors bring their work to show it off.
Most of it's pretty pathetic.
That thing was portfolio death, though. I doubt anyone brought it at all. I'd steer clear of whatever she wants.
Understood. When's your speech?
Quarter half past not soon enough.