I was beginning to think I’d have to put this off ’til next week.  Between Sandy, Obomney, Athena and Master Chief, I’ve been way off my schedule.  That’s actually a bunch of crap, I’m just bad at managing my time.  I did get Halo 4 but it’s still un-opened, which I consider a personal coup.

I’m going to have to make up some time this weekend if I don’t want to repeat my lateness next week (though I will be trying out Halo tomorrow night).

So yeah, this is the style for this episode.  It takes way longer to “ink” but it’s much easier to color.  I’ve got a ways to go but I’m figuring some things out.  Oh, and we’ve got another new character (hi Beth), though her role in this episode is more of a cameo, for now.

↓ Transcript
Yeah, we're still about a half hour out. Any word from Brogan?
No, I left him a tech message this morning.
He knows the score, he'll be there.
Speaking of which, how's the team coming?
Not the sweetest, I'm gonna need your help.
Do the best you can, we'll be back Monday. Later Shelby.
What kind of event is this?
Public relations fiasco.
Will we need protection?
We shouldn't, but we have Beth just in case.
Sup dudes.