Okay, so I got this in just under the wire, so I’m not technically a full week behind yet.

I intend to finish this episode on Christmas, so I’m going to do my best to post more quickly this week.  I’m also slowly starting to realize that these blog posts are just back-to-back whining from me about falling behind on the schedule, followed by promises that I’m failing to deliver.

That’s no reason to stop now!  See you next week!


↓ Transcript
Do we have a booth at this thing?
Are we going to sit at it?
Any reason why?
Do I look like a people person?
What is it, sir?
Nothing, why don't you go get my speech from the car?
It's not on your tech arm thing?
No, I made some changes on the ride down. They're still in the car.
Go on then, get to the car...hurry up.
(You can do this)
How have you all been?? Good I hope!
It's so great to see you all again!