Apologies for another late post.  Something tells me that next week might be the same deal.  Please bear with me as I work through the new method and style, it seems to be taking a heck of a long time.  I’m honestly kind of shocked I finished, it takes a lot of work (for me).

We’re still in the realm of setting things up, introducing characters, and setting the stage for the heart of the strip, so we might have a few more where unfortunately not a lot happens.  Believe me though, when I say that this is just the beginning.

Big plans!

↓ Transcript
No valet parking?
Guess not.
Is Beth coming?
Not with us, but she'll be around.
Dr. Dabrowski checking in.
Here you are, Dr. Dabrowski.
I thought your name was Ivan.
It's more of a nickname.
Oh, I've also brought my assistant.
Very good, here you are, sir.
And Mr. Brogan? Has he arrived?
He'll be along shortly.
If he knows what's good for him.
"GATTACON - Applied Genetics Exposition"