So this is the start.  I’m real happy I’m at this point (publishing) but I’m also a little nervous because I haven’t quite finished the buffer I had planned on.  This is the first strip of the first episode and there are a number of others that finish it out.  They’re not done (coloring & speech bubbles still remain), but I’d given myself the deadline of the first Tuesday of September and I’ve had enough procrastinating.

I do plan on updating every Tuesday, which means once a week, with potential short breaks between episodes.  I work full time, so I don’t have magnificent gobs of time to work on this, but it’s certainly my priority.

Expect the site design to change (WordPress willing), especially in this first week.  I had made general changes when I first set it up but now that I have the last puzzle piece (the comic), I can see what the rest of the settings do and start to make it gel a little better.

↓ Transcript
What are we doing here anyway?
Let me answer that.
You've probably noticed that this is a genetics lab.
A lab where they happen to be working on a project very similar to my own.
From what I've heard, their project lead is onto something, verging on a breakthrough.
Atta boy.
Which has to be bullshit, because you can't predict a breakthrough.
But whatever, I'm just not about to lose another patent to some random douchebag.
It's open, sir.
Random? We worked together for years.
So you admit you're a douchebag!