Yay hooray!  Doing this thing.

The transition to full tablet + Manga Studio went a lot easier than I thought it would.  Plenty of stuff to get better at, but I’m happy with the first results.

See you next year week!

↓ Transcript
Well hello there.
Good morning! Have a seat, sweetie.
This is new…and nice.
Well, I know you work so hard.
It’s not like I’m fighting crime or anything.
What you do is just as important, though.
Paramedics save people’s lives.
Speaking of which, I need to get going. We’re still on for tonight, right?
Oh Q, I almost forgot.
I found this on the scene of a call last night. I thought maybe you should see it?
A recruiting event for henchmen tomorrow night? Kind of obvious. Maybe I’ll stop by and take out the trash.
Wait wait wait. We have plans tomorrow. You’re not going to punish me for doing the right thing here. Can you send someone else?
Hmm…you know what? You’re right.
And I think I know just the group to cut their teeth on this sort of thing.