I’d love to celebrate getting this one up on time but the format took half as long to finish.

We’ll see how next week goes!

↓ Transcript
The High 5

Team Member: Amber
Strength: ***
Agility: ***
Hand-to-Hand Combat: *** (Unarmed)
Notes: Very tall, impenetrable skin

Team Member: Irrigator
Magic: **** (Water)
Strength: *
Agility: *
Notes: Youngest & newest member of the team

Team Member: High Karate (Leader)
Hand-to-Hand Combat: **** (Unarmed)
Agility: ***
Strength: **
Notes: Approached by Cubit to lead the team (which was named for him), romantically involved with Nina Jay

Team Member: Rhubarbarian
Hand-to-Hand Combat: *** (Axe)
Strength: ***
Agility: **
Notes: Farm Fresh

Team Member: Nina Jay
Hand-to-Hand Combat: ***** (Sword, Unarmed)
Agility: ****
Stealth: ****
Notes: Was romantically involved with High Karate