Some latecomers to the story.

Speaking of which, this one almost took a month to get out. Gotta do better!

↓ Transcript
And these two?
Let's see.
Bachelor number one: Civilian clothes, common features, probably just a hired gun. Grey bin.
Bachelor number two: Garish wardrobe, some sort of electricity theme. Potential special abilities. Possible poser but just in case...yellow bin.
Here is another pair. They appear to meet the criteria for abilities.
Hold that thought.
Yes, hello?
No, this is going quickly, we'll be done presently.
I don't know.
Look, just tell him we'll send anything of interest his way. Okay, goodbye.
You were saying, Noah? Oh, look at that. Survivors.
And hero-types, no less. Impressive they survived the carnage.
This must have been quite the battle.
And why is everything all wet?!