And we’re back! Short break, won’t happen again. Probably.

↓ Transcript
He's ours.
What did it take? Guns or butter?
Door number two.
You're getting soft.
You just don't like it when I spend money.
Plus it doesn't hurt to have an expert to consult if we run into any issues.
He doesn't seem so bad.
Easy for you to say.
Let's introduce ourselves.
Hey there big fella, easy does it.
So how does one...control him?
There are 3 tiny bones in the human ear...
and these particular specimens come from 3 different corpses resident in our abominable friend.
They give their possessor control over him.
Our shadowy friend had them implanted under his skin.
That sounds really unsanitary.
And gross.
You didn't get to watch him cut them out.