Spending a healthy amount of time at this desk these days.

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Mr. Morton.
It's Throckmorton.
So it is. Staying out of the commotion, I see?
No, it's smart. I understand.
It's dangerous out there.
Of course, your better half's been doing the heavy lifting out there.
Let's drop the pretense, Dr. Dabrowski, I know why you're here.
Oh? And why is that?
You've come to find out how to control Glenn so you can take him for yourself.
I'll admit, the thought crossed my mind.
Well, his lifeforce is bound to mine. Without me, he obeys no man.
So then, let's go over my choices: Number 1, I hire you both.
Actually, you'd just be hiring me. Glenn is my property.
I see. Choice number 2, I hire neither of you, you gather your "property" and you two go on your sinister way.
Again, you would be hiring only...
We remove you from the picture and Glenn stays on to...
...kill anyone and everything in sight without me around to control him.
Well, that does sound problematic.
I should also inform you that removing me, as you say, might prove more difficult than you'd expect.
Necromancers are masters of death. We are nigh unkillable.
Whoa whoa whoa. Who said anything about killing?
I was planning to take him off your hands by transferring a shitload of money into your account.
I prefer cash.