Merry Day Off!  Or Christmas, if you’re into that sort of thing.  Today was a good day, holiday or no holiday.  I’m happy to be publishing again, and through my minor mid-strip crisis.

See you at New Year’s!

p.s. If I say I want to do a scene in a car again, punch me in the side of the head.

↓ Transcript
What am I even looking for?
Is this thing on paper or what?
I wonder where Beth got to. She seemed cool.
No luck. What a glorious waste of time this was.
What the hell do you want?
Your help. Your company can fix me.
Look, I don't...I mean I'm not even...
My ears expose my brain. It's under a thin layer of flesh, there's no skull there.
Please stop doing that.
My tail, do you see it? Do you see how it's detachable??
Please get that out of my face.
Did you know that there are feline versions of many human diseases?
Did you know that I have them all?
Please stop touching me.