WOOOOOOOOOOOooooooo last strip of the episode.  I’ve officially stuck through something for a little bit (something of a first).

Finally, we’ve got our last new character I wanted to introduce.  I’m trying to take it slow and not introduce too many new dudes at once, but this was an important one.  I’ll have more over the coming episodes.

Speaking of which, I’m looking at November 6th for the start of the next episode.  I’ve got it all scripted, and I’m storyboarding the last few strips (8 total this time).  I had originally thought about only taking two weeks to build my buffer but I need to be realistic.

I’ll be sure to have blog posts over the next few weeks, including some sketches and stuff from this episode as well as progress updates on the next one.  If anything, it will help me to stay focused and stay on schedule.

↓ Transcript
How's it coming with my new assistant?
Well, he's got the initial training done. They're giving him the trust evaluation now.
How's that one go?
We've set up a holobot in the interrogation room designed to test his loyalty to the firm.
It's a "prisoner" that will try to appeal to his compassion. We'll see if he tries to help him escape.
They said you asked for a glass of water.
Oh, thank you. What's your name, friend?
My name's Addison. Are you a superhero or something?
I guess you could say that.
So...what's your superpower?
I'm invincible.
Superstrong? Superfast? Laser vision?
No. Nope. None of those things.
But you can't be hurt or killed.
So listen, I learned some stuff with this thing. You mind if I practice on you?
Um, actually I was hoping to talk a little.
No, yeah it's cool. This'll just take a minute.
2 hours later...
Whoops. Invincible my ass.
Hello sir.
Yeah...he'll do.