Just under the wire~

I was hoping to have this one done last week, despite my sandbagging. I got caught up changing hosting plans with my provider, though, so no dice.

I was able to bring the site back up without incident, which only left a few mental bruises. The site might actually be faster, too, but don’t actually test it.

I feel like we’re getting somewhere!

↓ Transcript
So...what do we think?
Slim pickings, with the exception of...
Glenn, the prizefighting zombie stallion?
Yep, and Throckmorton the creepy caretaker.
Where is that necrophiliac?
The kid found him hiding and took him to observation.
Yes, sir?
Dark shadows still with you?
Yes, sir.
Keep him there. I'm on my way.
Yes, sir.
Keep an eye out for other standouts.
What are you up to?
I'm gonna see a man about a horse.