Another strip!  I might be on a roll.

Our first death(s).  It’s safe to say that many imaginary people die in this strip, so consider the tone set~

I drove down to Bethesda, Maryland this Saturday to visit the Small Press Expo.  It was a bit of a trek but I couldn’t resist, it was a one-stop shop for a bunch of artists whose strips I read, plus my sister and niece inspired me.  I bought some nice books to read from people whose work I admire and I was able to do some research for the next (super sekrit) episode.

It’s kind of weird to meet someone in person and know all this stuff about them from reading their strip/site.  It’s real tempting to reference this sea of info but to me it would come off creepy.  I kept it formal and basic.

I’m happy I went but I admit I was embarrassed for being clueless as to the identity of the other 99% of exhibitors there.

↓ Transcript
You think that was my only defense?
No, but judging from that look on your puss, I'd bet it was your best.
Seriously though, whaddya got? What's next?
Take your time, we'll wait.
Just kidding.
Set the charges boys, we've had our fun.
Hold this, squire. I need more coffee.
Did you hear that?
Great, now I need an assistant *and* a new coffee cup.