There’s that ball! There’s that ball I dropped. So yeah, little hiatus there. Pick your excuse: Worked a lot of extra hours at my job, played the poop out of a bunch of video games, flushed myself down the toilet.

I’ve been practicing some, though, in any case, and I’ve learned a couple things in the meantime. Hopefully they’ll show in comics to come!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

↓ Transcript
No no, let me guess.
You're the brains...and he's the brawn.
If that's easier to grasp.
I am Throckmorton, necromancer.
And this is...Glenn.
I'm sorry, what? Glenn?
Yes, it is short for Glenwood, the cemetery from which he was assembled.
Cemetery? So am I to infer that he's some kind of...
Flesh golem.
Kinky. And you created him, I take it?
Assembled and animated, yes. Created? No.
Just how many Bothans died to bring us this abomination?
Like I said, he is named for the cemetery.
Does he talk?
Do you talk?
Help us.