Hello and welcome to my yearly comic!  🙁

Had to relearn some stuff there, including new software.  Gonna try to put that effort to good use.

We’re getting into the action almost immediately.

↓ Transcript
Is this for real? Are you for real?
Yes, sir. I am a werewolf.
That's very interesting, because I have seen some weird shit in my time.
And I do mean weird.
But I have yet to meet an actual werewolf.
I don't suppose you could prove it for me today.
I can hear your heartbeat.
It's going bump-ump bump-ump bump-ump
I think we're done here.
You sure? You could keep me on retainer and, you know, if once a month you might need me...
No and no. You need...what...what are you doing?
The floor is wet.
Shelby, showtime!