I cleaned up the pencil pages that I needed to, most of it consisted of replacing made-up guns with real ones and adding a few character elements that I didn’t remember the first time around.  It actually was less work than I thought it was going to be.

From there I scanned them into my PC, which was pretty smooth.  My printer/scanner has a document feeder so the only manual part was naming the files.  Since they were in the PC, I needed to move them over to the Mac, which meant uploading them to the Adobe Cloud (rather than e-mailing them to myself).

Using Adobe Cloud from my PC was so slow.  Files wouldn’t show up when uploaded or they would show up in the wrong folder (but were actually in the right folder).  I had to refresh the page a ton of times to get it to show up right.  A quick search on the internet revealed Adobe’s plans to make a kind of app that will handle all that upload stuff automatically, so that will be nice.  Using the Adobe Cloud from Mac was loads easier.  I didn’t even have to log in, and things showed up as they should.  I guess the thing to do is scan right into the Mac.

I inked the whole first strip already, so thankfully that process goes a lot faster than the drawings.  I do need to clean up the paths and stuff but I’m going to do that once I’m done all of them.  I second-guessed myself for using Illustrator to ink so I gave it a shot in Photoshop.  I gave up fast, though.  I really don’t like doing it that way.  Having something that I can’t really fix or adjust bothers me.  I’m sure it’s a matter of practice but for now I’m doing it this way.  About halfway through the strip I also looked up how to adjust the preferences for the pencil tool and make my life a little easier.

Dawn of the Dead is finishing up.  It’s a little tougher to watch TV while inking, I kind of zone in on the computer.  God forbid I pay attention to what I’m doing.