After spending most of the day reorganizing in my bedroom, doing laundry and going food shopping, I finished drawing strip number six.  It felt pretty good to put all 23 pages of drawings into this folder (I like to organize).  I do still have to make minor changes to some of the panels, but I’ll leave that for tomorrow.  Working on the last strip, I realized there were some height issues with some dudes in parts two and three but I can sort that out after I scan them in.  Also, I feel like I ended it on a nice shot, sort of previewing what’s to come.

As the picture shows, I took about 20 days to draw one episode, which is pretty damn slow.  I intend to make future episodes a few strips longer, so hopefully knowing what I’m doing a little better will help me trim that time down.  To that end, I also figured out a good spot to always put my eraser when I’m working, so I can shave off like 20 sum minutes of looking for that damn thing.  😀

Tonight I watched Iron Man and I’m working on Iron Man 2.  Given that this last strip had my first robot, I thought it appropriate.  Also, my brother wanted me to check something out but I still don’t know what the hell he’s talking about.