I got a bunch of packages today which I wasted a lot of time messing around with, one of which was a stand for the laptop (kind of puzzled by the lack of Apple docking stations).  I’ve got the computers together on the same desk, I think they’re getting along okay so far.  One of the things I wanted to set up was moving Photoshop and Illustrator files back and forth between them and seeing how easily I can edit them on each computer.  I’m using the Adobe Creative Cloud and it works, it’s just a little slow.  I’m hoping there’s a way I can save there from the actual applications but from first glance it didn’t seem so.  Not a big deal, I guess.

I finished part two of strip six, and I’m still working on part three.  Future me (past me) was able to fix the problems I had yesterday, and I got a little better at the new guy in this strip.  Each character’s face has certain points of reference (landmarks) that I use to position the other features, and I think for this guy, it’s the eyes.  If they’re not in the correct spot, he doesn’t look right.  I also mushed around with the other guy in this strip, and it was pretty obvious that the more I drew him, the better he looked, even from one panel to the next.  I’m sure I’ll be able to finish the drawing part by the end of tomorrow, which will leave Sunday to start inking (hopefully).

Another aspect I was looking at today (whilst dicking around with computer city on my desk) was the fonts I intend to use.  I created a font from my own handwriting quite a few years back, and I had intended to use that, but I had an inkling of using something more professional-looking.  I did some quick searching around, and a site called Blambot seemed to be a good spot to get those kind of fonts.  The fonts there looked good, but the licensing stuff kind of gave me pause.  I think I’m gonna use my original idea (font) and if it doesn’t look right I’ll just create another.  If you want something done shitty, do it yourself.

I watched Punch-Drunk Love tonight, I guess I’m on a P.T. Anderson kick.  As I’m typing here I also just caught the end of Green Lantern, which I had seen before.  What I didn’t see was the post-credit blurb, which was kind of cool.  I really oughtta stick around through the credits more.  In the theater, when I see the screen first go black, I throw a smoke capsule and gtfo.