I’m watching the end of Breaking Bad right now, which is making it hard as hell to concentrate.  Okay, the rough part’s over.  Or it it???  Awesome show.

I finished inking the second strip.  One thing that came from using the automatic feeder to scan was that some of the pages didn’t come in straight.  They’re just a tad off, but it’s enough to bother me.  What I should have done was fix them before inking but I decided to fix it after and I’m not sure it was the right decision.  Even typing this now I’m thinking that I’m going to fix them before I move any further.

I’m also kind of thinking on the fly as far as what all I need to ink.  I think some of the elements (explosion, gunfire) would be best handled in the coloring phase.  What that means, though, is that I need to maintain the original scans as part of the file to be able to reference during coloring, given that there’s going to be a big empty space if I just import the (incomplete) line art.

I had mentioned something of a Mac write-up but I haven’t done it yet.  I think instead I’m going include a point or two in these posts as I think of them.  The part that’s giving me trouble at the moment is the touchpad on the laptop.  It’s probably a symptom of not putting in the time, but I have precious little control with it.  I’m using the artpad/stylus for the lines, but when the time comes to edit them (specific points and handlebars) I’m going to need a mouse.  Maybe I’ll do that part on the PC.

Time for more Kitchen Nightmares before bed.