I got strip number two assembled and fixed.  For bonus points, I made a change that I hadn’t reminded myself to make (making some dudes bigger in a panel (which was a lot easier in Illustrator rather than re-drawing)).  I’m a little disappointed that it’s taking a whole night’s worth of work to do this stage, but I’ll try to speed things up on the rest.  I’m still theoretically on pace to publish by the beginning of September, so long as coloring doesn’t take forever.  As far as fixing the paths and points in the inking, I’m a little torn as to how far I should go.  By fixing I mean when what should be a pretty smooth line has like five extra bends in it because the artpad detected variations in my stroke as I drew it.  I can get rid of the bends and the line is a perfect arc, but it looses a little character in the process.  I’m thinking I’ll just fix the glaring errors and leave the rest.  There’s a chance it could bite me in the butt, though, because when it’s time to color, it’ll make it hard to select an area (with the magic wand) if it’s not closed off by lines.  I’ll have to select everything manually which will definitely take forever.  I’ll know better what’s what when I start coloring.

I realize this first episode is taking longer because I’m figuring everything out for the first time.  Hopefully I can set up some templates and rules or just make some decisions for the future and make it easier as I go along.  Efficiency is next to cleanliness (or at least in the same row).

I’m currently watching Child’s Play 2 and I just finished the first one (Child’s Play). Good times. I took my car in to the dealership this morning to have them fix whatever they dicked up yesterday and they couldn’t figure it out (lol). So now I have to come back yet again some time during the week when they can call the manufacturer. The best part was when I noticed the hood catching air at ~60mph on the way home, which I had to pull over and close properly.  The only good thing to come out of that nightmare was I read another chapter of the book.  If I can get like, a chapter a day done every day, I’ll be ready for when I need to write the next episode (when I’m probably gonna need it).