While taking my car in to the dealership (finally), I saw some smoke rising from above the trees.  I figured I’d record what I saw and it turns out someone’s car was on fire pretty bad.  I guess for all my whining about my car, things aren’t that bad, grand scheme-wise.  I also created a YouTube account and uploaded it because hey why not?  Might come in handy (plus I get to try and embed it here (woot it worked!)).

I took the day off from posting yesterday but I worked on assembling strips three and four.  Today I followed up by fixing the lines on number three, and I saw that four is going to be a little more involved.  I had some background stuff I had decided to take care of during this stage, rather than fighting with it(wasting time) in the drawing stage.  As it was, I had to fix some baby-squeezehead syndrome on my main character that’s been bothering me in strip three.  That was some of the character inconsistency I was complaining about a while back and I think it got accentuated in the inking process.

Short post for tonight, I have to wake up early tomorrow and I have a lot of dicking around/procrastinating to do before I fall asleep.

Today I watched Swamp Thing while I worked.  It had been a long while since I’d seen it before, though I have to admit I wasn’t paying much attention this time while I worked.  I did, however, get a good look at the bad guy at the end and he didn’t seem half as scary as he did when I was younger.  🙂