So I haven’t posted since earlier in the week, but I have been working on the strip in the meantime.  I was really hoping to come into today’s post with everything all set up to begin coloring tomorrow, but it didn’t work out that way.

I’m still working on fixing the lines and points in strip number six, I have about 3/4 of it left to go.  So what’s my excuse?  I should have been done this part already.  I don’t have a good one, but I think part of it was my losing a little motivation/momentum dicking around on something that was kind of tedious.  I’ve been working on the same strips for so long, I really want to move on to the next stage and the next episode.  I’ve been thinking about new plotlines for a while now and I’m eager to flesh them out.

The good news is I got my mind right and back in it.  I’m still on track to begin publishing when September starts and finally have something to show for all my work (and words).  I also finally got my stupid car finally sorted out and I’m on the other side of a shitty week of work.

Today I managed to get work that I’d previously preferred to do on the PC done on the Mac instead.  I have yet to encounter an appreciable difference between the two, despite some heroic bitching from professionals about the virtues of the Mac for graphics.  Maybe I just have to go further down the rabbit iHole.