Posting the first comic did the opposite of wonders for my work ethic.  I’ve found numerous ways to procrastinate finish coloring the rest of the strips, including screwing around with site settings and investigate other content management systems.  First things first, though, as was suggested to me.

Yesterday I added speech and bubbles to the 2nd strip, and today I uploaded it to the site and prepped it for posting.  I also, as mentioned above, adjusted some of the Word/Comicpress options to make the site look a little better.  As time flitted on, though, I realized that I had gone two days without moving on to color strip number three, and today I stopped what I was doing and prepped the photoshop file so I can jump right in with coloring tomorrow.

Looking over the line art, I can tell that I was a little better at making the fields (of potential color) more closed off, but there’s still some work to do before I can jump in with the bucket.  What I’ve really been worrying about at this point is strip number four, because I know I left a large patch of background undone in one of the frames, thinking I could just copy it from a previous one.  The problem is I know that won’t fly (with me) and I’m going to have to take a step back to do a little more inkwork before I can move on.

I reaaaallly want to have everything done with episode one by next Monday, so I can be on schedule to complete the second one on time.  It’s gonna be tight, especially after my procrastinating.  The problem resulting from that will be a larger break between episodes one and two, which should only exist because episode two will be longer, and will therefore take longer to draw.  Not a huge issue, but with a little discipline I can minimize the delay.

Today I watched Tron: Legacy while I farted around.  Some people don’t like it but I really enjoyed it (as well as the soundtrack).