So the everything done by Monday thing (for episode 1) ain’t happenin’.  I’ve spent way too much time messing with the web site and messing with my computer (replacing keyboard, mouse, internets, etc.) to make any real progress.  I’m not sure if it’s subconscious or not but the outcome is the same:  Very few posts and precious little work done.  I’m starting to realize that maybe part of the reason I was putting this whole thing off for so long was that I sensed how much fucking work it all was.  It’s like a job in itself.  The important thing is that it’s a job I want to do.  It’s just a schedule and way of operating that I need to get used to, which I am.

So, speaking of shitty progress, I’m still coloring strip number three.  It’s finally starting to come together but I’m really questioning my methods.  I’m using the paint bucket but I’m spending loads of time touching up where the color intersects with the lines.  It’s like when we used to mow the lawn:  the riding mower for the big parts, and the push mower for the edges (which I’m sure someone would tell me is inefficient).  I will come up with a better way and the good news is that it’s taking so damn long I have time to think about it.  I haven’t decided on anything quite yet but I do have some ideas.

I mentioned my internets.  What I mean is that I upgraded my router & cable modem (and service).  This helped me to discover a fairly interesting difference between my PC and the Mac laptop.  Holy shit is the wifi connection on the laptop faster.  A little utility is provided by the manufacturer of the router and it shows the connection speed of the connected devices.  My PC is at 117 megabits per second, and the laptop is at 450, lol.  I’m pretty sure I could install a different device into the computer (with a different standard) but I wanted a PCI card vs. a USB device, the selection of which for the former was laughably small.  Maybe it’s better now, but I’ve done enough upgrading for now.  Plus, it gets along fine at its current speed.  I really just thought it was funny when that number popped up.  For reference, I think the difference between the two is 802.11n (the PC) vs. 802.11ac (the Mac).

The one thing I have made decent progress on is watching episodes of Lost.  I used to watch it when it started years ago, but somewhere along the line I stopped, so I’m starting over on Netflix while I work.  I’m like, to episode 8, or something.  They’re still stuck on the island, I wonder when they’ll get off????