I’m done coloring the second strip.  Not exactly motoring, but I ended up repeating my work from last night.  I was determined to use the bucket but I had trouble coming up with a good way.  What I had done was color on the same layer as the line art, but the result made it hard to undo mistakes and keep things clean.  As it was, I had to redo the edges because the bucket wouldn’t fill in the whole shape.  I’m sure there’s a setting that I’m screwing up (tolerance or anti-alias), but I played with both to no avail.

In any case, I started over this afternoon and came up with a much better result.  I’m still using the bucket, but I’m making sure to make my color on its own separate layer, which made it easier to shadow.  I still had to go over the edges by hand, but it was still much faster.  After that, I spent a bit of time making some visual effects, of which the strip needed quite a few.  I also made a decision re: fonts, as I needed to have an onomatopoeia but it wasn’t quite working with my manual lettering.  I bought one of the blambot fonts and used that, and I’m happy with the result.  I had gotten into such a groove with the second strip that I almost jumped right in with the final lettering but I stopped myself.

It’s really gonna be tight to have all these done by the end of Monday, even with a day off from work.  I have to travel tomorrow, which is gonna take away some time, so even if I work all day Monday I see myself falling short.  I think tomorrow I’ll start with lettering strip number one so I’m ready to go with that if I don’t finish everything.  I’ll have the rest of this week to finish the first episode, as much as I wanted to have everything done.