Probably not unlike many others, I’m currently in the middle of a Batmanathon(g).  It’s not a bad background for getting some drawing done.  I printed up some frames; The first strip uses two rows of 3, with something extra on the bottom.  I’m doing one sheet of paper per 3 frames, and I’ll just freeball the extra thing.  I used Illustrator to create some 3″ x 3″ squares to work in and got to use my printer instead of sneaking stuff out of work like I used to.

I think it’s going pretty well.  I was worried that using square frames was going to limit the height I could portray, but so far, so good.  One thing that gave me some problems was drawing rifles.  Let’s just say that if the guns the dudes are using have any similarity to the Playstation® Move™ two-hander that Sony makes, it’s no coincidence.

Another thing that necessitated research was shoulder holsters for pistols.  I found a good picture I could reference, and I also found some pics of a guy who used one for his cell phone and like, some office supplies, or something.  Food for thought, I guess.

Back to the show, just checking in with an update for the day.