No milestone progress to report, I’m still working on drawing the first strip.  I’m on the second set of three frames after wiling away most of the day sleeping and doing laundry.  About halfway through, I realized my characters were at different heights from one set of three to the next.  I’m not sure if that’s a real issue or not but my OCD commands that I fix it (tomorrow).

Something else that hit me was how much I should vary what is essentially the same expression on a dude from one frame to the next.  I have my reference drawings but I feel weird having the same exact thing in multiple frames.  My solution, for now, was to not to think too much about it and let any subtle variations coming from freehand copying take their course.  Whether these will disappear when I ink them in Illustrator remains to be seen.

Speaking of OCD, the spider in my bathroom is gone.  For the past many days, he was guarding my sink counter in the same exact spot like a bouncer.  I hope he’s okay.

p.s. The Dark Knight Rises was good.  I’ll leave it at that because spoilers annoy the shit out of me.