Trying to get this one in under the wire re: midnight.  I did just a little bit last night but I’ve been working on the strip (and watching movies) for most of the day.  I have parts 1-3 of the fourth strip complete, and part 4 is roughly sketched out.  My new computer actually shipped, and I’m supposed to get it this week.  I’m using that as a pseudo-deadline to have all my drawings done.

The main thing bothering me at this point is how the backgrounds are going to play out.  I don’t want to neglect them, as I know they can really add to the feel of the comic, but so far I’ve kind of been skipping/skimping on the backgrounds of the drawings with the thought that I’ll put the work in when I ink/color.  Something tells me that skipping that step now is going to add another week or so to my timeline, but I feel that it’ll make the backgrounds better if I draw them full as a separate layer, which is best done on the computer.

As far as what I’ve been watching all day, I took a big bite out of my Netflix queue:  Fido, The Rum Diary, True Grit (the remake), then The Big Lebowski (the second two I had already seen).  Fido was great.  I saw the preview for it a long time ago but it kind of disappeared after that.  It was a nice surprise to see it show up on Netflix.