I got a notification that my new computer is going to ship sooner than expected, so that’s a bonus.  I’m still not sure if I’m going to use it right off the bat for this stuff but getting it sooner will certainly make that more feasible.  I also have to figure out what peripherals I plan on using with it.

Anyway, I started the fourth strip, and the first panel has a buttload of dudes in it, so I’m still working on it.  A couple of firsts for this strip:  like I mentioned yesterday, the first female character, and also, the first outdoor scene.  The location won’t make a big difference during the drawing part of it, but for the coloring part it’ll be an opportunity to try some neat stuff.  The female character is a main character, so it was good to get her started.  I found she’s easier to draw than my other main character so far, at least without looking at reference pictures, so that’s a plus as well.

I should say that part of the reason this whole process is taking so long (besides my snail’s pace) is I’m building a buffer.  I plan to have the whole first episode (6 strips) completed before I publish strip 1 (if that wasn’t obvious already).  The strip will be published on a weekly basis (I haven’t picked a day yet) and once I start publishing I’m going to get to work on episode 2, which should be at least 8 strips, I’m thinking.  I haven’t determined how many episodes will comprise the first season, but I’d like to calculate some kind of break in there for myself as well.

Today I took a huge nap after work/dinner and watched Doom while I worked on the strip.  I liked it but it’s possible I have shitty taste in movies.