The first thing I did today (outside of morning stuff) was watch Total Recall.  I think I can say that it had some cool technology without being spoilery (and yes, remakes can still be spoiled).  It got me thinking though, because I found some commonalities between the future the film represented and some of the things I intend to implement.  It made me realize that some of the technology I have may be considered incongruent with the level of advancement in other areas.  It’s something I have to figure out, because as soon as you change the setting to the future, you have to look at everything, how will the world be different (in more than just the obvious aspects).  Villain isn’t terribly far in the future, but certainly enough for this to apply.  Something to dwell on at work tomorrow, I guess.

I finished the fourth strip, and printed out the panels for number five.  Part 1 is drawn and I’m working on part 2.  Dumbly enough, I’m going to practice getting out of my office chair tomorrow for important research.  Clearly, there are exciting things going on in strip number 5.  Am I on schedule to finish drawing this week?  I think so.  It might be stretched out until Friday/Saturday, but I should make it.

Today I watched Batman and Batman Returns, both of which were hard to watch again after the most recent films, such different animals.  After that I watched The Muppets.