Something I was trying to get working before bed last night was some room between blog posts after I noticed they were humping each other by default.  As I’ve found, I had a little more luck after walking away and today I managed to separate the little buggers.  I’d like to say I’m getting better at .css entries but in all honesty it’s probably I’m just getting better at copying and pasting solutions from Señor Google.  I also edited the blird parent site to include a link to Villain as well as some general information.  I’ll refine that page as time goes on.  Oh, I also added a favicon to the blird site (which took some learning (and a Photoshop plug-in)).

Two other things I tweaked (twawk?) which were each a pain in the buns:  Adding links to the menu bar that were not local pages and personalizing the copyright information in the footer.  I thought I had to add more .css code, but I finally realized that both were accomplished by finding the correct menu options and if I knew what I was doing, kind of easy.

I know I have a long way to go as far as genuine customization goes (images instead of text, etc.), but once I get the basics understood and set up, I can really concentrate on the actual content, a process I plan to catalog as well.