I haven’t gotten much done today, largely due to the holiday and sitting on my chairbutt doing nothing (useful).  I connected my WordPress installation with a feature they have called Jetpack, which is pretty cool because of the extra options it offers.  I enabled a twitter feed from my as of yet silent account as well as some sharing options on individual posts to sites like Facebook and Google+ (which I just had to look up whether it was “plus” or just “+” (guess which it was!)).  Both of those options were from that Jetpack thing, as well as a contact form, which I placed on its appropriate page.  I also added a few more links to comics that I read.

As an aside, my sister took issue with my comment re: what day the week starts on.  She made a decent argument for her case, but like, every calendar I’ve seen before I got an office job says otherwise and it’s what I’m used to, so it stays.

Things are starting to come together on the site’s setup, so I’m probably going to get cracking on content (scripts, etc.) pretty soon.  I also have some domain shuffling in the works, more to come on that as the bytes settle (shitty metaphors ITT).

I can hear the gentle thump of distant illegal fireworks, singing me to sleep~