The first hero is done, as is another important character, a robot-type.  Robots are gonna have a prominent role in the strip, I’m anticipating, and I had a little trouble coming up with something that’s not derivative.  I realize the more I go out of my way to do something that’s not been done before, I start overlapping the work of those that struggled with the same goal.  We’ll see how it plays out, I guess.

Looking over some of my drawings has shaken my confidence a bit, in that I’m worried I’m not putting in the time I should on some of these secondary characters and it’s going to show.  I understand that the more I work, the better I’ll ostensibly get, having seen the progression/improvement of webcomics I’ve read over the years, but I get into trouble when I start taking that for granted, and am satisfied with crappy work because “I’ll just improve it later.”

Maybe I’m just doubting myself because I’m getting closer to actually having to produce, which is a little scary in itself.  Will it be as good as I want it to?  Will I fuck it up royally??

Time will tell~ 🙂