One of my problems (besides my spelunking eraser) is constantly referring back to my design sheets and the inherent mess caused by regularly shuffling through stacks of paper.  I had the thought (after reading this) that I could just take a picture of all my reference drawings and swipe back and forth on my iPad when I needed them.  I then proceeded to photograph all the relevant images and (finally got to) use Adobe Photoshop Express to brighten them up a bit.  It worked, for the most part, but I realize now that the quality is kind of shitty and I should have scanned them in instead.

After spending around an hour on that (and watching Superman) I got to rehashing the storyboard for the first strip.  I’m a sucker for consistency so the six frames/more than six frames thing was still bugging me.  After some thought, I figured out a way to both extend the length of the first strip and convey more information, while making it a little more interesting (being the first strip and all).  I’m happy about that, but it’s hot as shit in my room and I need to finish watching some [cartoons] before I go to bed.  Hopefully the rest of the rehashery goes a little faster.

In other news, I received my first penis enlargement spam comment, ready for moderation.  I must be doing something right (or my penis is doing something wrong 🙁 ).  Regardless,

************************************************** *                                                * *                  SPIKE SENT                    * *                                                * **************************************************