Episode 2 is in the works!  The storyboards are all done and the first strip is drawn out in pencil.  I’d like to show it now but I’d hate to ruin the story.  Instead, here’s the pencil work from the first strip of episode 1.

You might notice the angle of the squares, something that I totally screwed up when scanning them in.  In saving time in scanning, I caused myself quite a bit of annoyance trying to fix each individual (more than 20 total) page back to the angle it’s supposed to be.  Lesson learned!

I’m also drawing on paper first, then scanning it into the computer and inking.  I’d probably save myself a lot of time going straight to the computer but I really work best with the pencil.  Eventually I’ll take the leap and put the time in to get good with the the computer but for now I like to relax in front of the TV or anywhere that’s not a computer, given that I’m working on one all day.

You’ll also notice the complete lack of background, something I’ve begun to remedy for episode 2.

That’s it for now, I’m gearing up for Halloween, which is coming soon!  I’ve been busy not doing a damn thing, trying to get ready to not do a damn thing on the 31st.