Today I went to get the laptop from its little stand and I noticed that the power cable wasn’t plugged in.  It had about twenty-something percent left of power so I figured this would be a good time to try inking one on the desktop PC.  It went pretty good, I think.  I had to mirror the artpad settings (I have an older model hooked up to the desktop) and I realized I could change some of the stylus buttons to maybe make it easier on my hand.  I was using the backside of the button on the stylus for undo.  It was putting pressure on my hand to hold it in a position to be able to undo (I make a lot of mistakes) so I changed undo to the frontside of the button, which is much easier to press.  A downside of that is sometimes I double click on it by mistake, so I changed the backside of the button to redo.  Problem solved~

Despite my changes my hand still kind of hurts, otherwise I would have kept going.  I finished inking strip 5, so there’s just one more left to do.  I think what’s hurting is the size of the stylus combined with how tight my grip is.  I’m holding it firmly to keep control, maybe I can loosen up with practice.  It was nice to do it on the desktop because the screen’s much bigger.  In a couple weeks I’m going to hook the Mac up to the same monitor to get a real taste for how different it might be.  Speaking of which, I tried to access the Adobe Cloud file storage on the PC again, this time through another browser (Firefox).  It was as smooth as on the Mac, so I take it back about its being fucko on the PC.  It was only having trouble in Internet Explorer, which I guess serves me right for using the default browser.  Meh, tough shit, I’m still using IE to type this out.  😛

I’m watching The Debt right now, which was pretty good.  Earlier I was basking in the technology with Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole on the TV while Conan the Barbarian played on Netflix.  The former was pretty good (despite its stupidly long title) but the latter was shit awful, one of the few movies I walked out of in the theater.  Yeah, don’t ask me why I was watching it again.