Today was my longest day at werk work for probably the past year, but I really did want to give the script a go before I went to bed, in an effort to stave off some kind of lull of unproductivity.  I succeeded in getting a storyboard down for the 3rd strip, but I’ll definitely have to break the six frame format, if not cleave the strip in twain (clemens).  The dialogue and positioning of dudes isn’t perfect (far from it), but it’s a start, and I’ve found the more I look at something, the better I can refine it, and having something to look at is like, key or something.  As far as positioning goes, I really want to make sure it reads well and makes sense.  I’ve seen even my favorite webcomic artists have trouble from time to time creating proper visual flow, so I’d really like to not dick mine up right off the bat.

I haven’t done anything new to the site itself, though my friend tells me the twitter feed widget is acting up from one browser to the next.  I’ll have to look at that tomorrow.  The domain stuff I mentioned a few days ago has gone through.  You can now access this site by typing in, as well as the previously used, they both go to the same place.  Now I just have to shut off the juice at my old provider, and stop hemorrhaging internet monies.