I guess as time goes on and I’m doing the same thing, there’s less to report.  I finished part 1 of the sixth strip and I’ve got part 2 sketched out.  I’m moving a little slower, but I know the end’s in sight.  In this strip I’m introducing another main (male) character, so that’s exciting (for me).

I think I’m able to draw the previous two main characters without worrying about reference drawings, and while working on one of the ancillary characters I found myself going in a different direction than what I had originally designed.  That’s good, I think?  The more natural I can make this process, the quicker it will go.  As it is, 3 panels a night is kind of sad, I have to admit.  I should be doing a whole strip a night, optimally.

I couldn’t rely on BBC America anymore for my Kitchen Nightmares fix, I went to the (Netflix) source.  I also just finished Mars Attacks!, which is always good.  I ordered some accessories for the inking process, which should get here by the weekend, so I can jump right in once I’m ready (which should be soon).