Today was my first day working on scripts again, I sort of wrote myself into a corner a few months back and that’s been one of the causes of my overall delay.  I have the first episode (storyline) planned out, but I’ve been trying to sort out the dialogue in the third strip.  I had been mainly typing it out in Word, but I think part of my problem with that is not being able to see how things visually fit together outside of my head, which sometimes is a bit harder to gel (the story, not the outside of my head, that shit is gel ready).

In any case, I’ve started sketching out what I have in Word, to give it a little more life and reinvigorate my interest in the story (re: frustration).  I finished the storyboard for the first strip, and managed to streamline some of the walls of text I had.  I’d imagine every intro has a bit of exposition, so I won’t get down on myself for being too wordy just yet.  The main thing at this point is to build some momentum so I can power through the third strip where I’ve been having the trouble.

As far as the site goes, I limited the number of posts on the first page because I noticed my last one stretched the page longer than my background.  I know it’s a temporary fix, but I’ll be more thorough tomorrow.