I guess I had planned on making daily updates because I feel guilty every time I don’t.  The last couple of days had my job spilling over to home so I haven’t really had the time (energy) to work on the comic.  Thankfully, today things were back to normal so I had the chance to get back on it tonight.  I storyboarded the fourth script (3 more to go) and I finally got to use some info from my idea book that I keep in the car.  I was a little depressed, though, to see that I had written it down in November of 2011 (better late than never~).  Again I found that the story won’t fit into the six frame format I had in mind and halfway through I realized I need to reverse the order of my dudes in the frame so the dialogue works but I guess that’s the point of planning it out first.

I gotta start practicing drawing my dudes, while I’m at it.  I’m still shitty at drawing them from memory.  I also need to come up with a scheme/style for drawing non-recurring characters (NPCs?).  My original plan was to wing it but something tells me that’s a bad idea.