The weather’s got me at a bit of a disadvantage this week.  Like most of New Jersey, I’ve been without power for a few days which, while amusing, doesn’t lend itself much to the use of electronics (though I did get more pencilwork done).  Thankfully, I avoided any real damage, as I’m not quite close enough to the shore itself.

I’m posting this from my sister’s place in Pennsylvania, as she’s relaxing in the lap of luxury: electricity, internet, hot water, etc., etc..  Once power’s back up at my place, I’ll head back and prep for the first strip.  I still have a lot of work to do, but I’m going to keep to my schedule:  New strip next week.

Happy Halloween, by the way.  This is the second pseudo-shitty Halloween in a row.  If we have another next year I may have to reconsider my pagan affiliations.

p.s. the pic is a Sandy-O-Lantern, our story’s real villain.