The first strip is colored, minus the shading and highlights…and after-effects.  I just noticed that the size of the photoshop file is 33 megs.  lol???

Before bed last night I decided to recolor some uniforms, and I had to re-color the skin of my main dude, because it was too light, both of which took some time, but not a whole lot.  It just takes a long time to color in general, if I’m not using the paint bucket (which auto-fills enclosed areas).  I’m not sure what I’m going to do about that.  I’d like to keep on doing it the way I am, like I’m earning some sort of home-cooking coloring badge, but the finished product is actually a little worse (edge-wise) than if I use a paint bucket.  The real obstacle to using it is my areas aren’t enclosed, line-wise.  Maybe I’ll change that with the next episode.

Speaking of next episode, I realized today at work that I was drawing everyone at proportions that I had originally decided against, but somewhere along the line I forgot that information.  I’ll be changing that for episode 2, but to be honest it’s not too big of a change.  It just allows me to fit more information in a panel.  I’m sure I’ll make some other changes as I learn more about this while finishing episode 1.  What’s kind of worrying me at this point is that I didn’t size the text in each frame.  It’s entirely possible that I won’t be able to fit all the dialogue in, which would be kind of embarassing.

Looking at the first strip while I type this is kind of encouraging, and a little mesmerizing.  I have a bad habit of staring at shit I’ve done (both literal and figurative~) for way too long.  Anyway, I’m leaving the accent (light and shadow) experimentation for tomorrow.  I had enough difficulty today figuring out the color palette I want to use.  That’s one thing I never sketched out.  As it is, I have about six different grays/blacks, and I’m not sure if they logically make sense.

Today while I was working I had the DVD for Ultraviolet on but I didn’t pay a lot of attention to it.  Werk work.