I was pretty much wallowing earlier when I “realized” I deleted my progress from yesterday by mistake.  In the process of keeping my files current between the two computers through Adobe’s cloud service, I deleted (and emptied from the recycle bin) my most current files.  About an hour later I realized that I had never uploaded the good ones from the other computer in the first place.  I think I need a better system to keep track of this stuff.  Hopefully Adobe will come through soon with an update to make my backwards process a little more streamlined.

So I finished fixing all the lines and points and jazz, etc., finally.  Tomorrow I start to color (in Photoshop), which is going to take a lot of organization, as I intend to create layers for a lot of different stuff (foreground, background, highlights, shadow).  I haven’t formally planned out how I intend to keep stuff straight, so there’s going to be some experimentation.  The main idea is that I know I’ll be making a lot of mistakes, so the more I can keep things confined to layers, the easier I can fix my screw-ups.

Today I watched The Secret of NIMH while working, I remember it was such a revelation when I found out what NIMH stood for (kind of a long time ago).  I’m also tired as shit so I’m gonna cut this a little short.