Another last minute post tonight.  I got some maccessories today, in some extravagant packaging (thanks Amazon).  One of those was a new Wacom Intuos tablet, I got the small one.  It seems to work pretty good (just testing it out), but it feels a lot lighter than my other tablet (Wacom’s previous model).  I know it’s a smaller size, but it’s also more plastic-y and cheap-feeling.  I’ll have a better opinion after this weekend.

I finished (kind of) part 2 of the sixth strip.  What’s weird is that the new character I’m introducing is hard as shit to draw.  When I was doing the original sketches, he was the easiest.  Now, he’s a bit of a struggle.  Maybe I’m just used to the other dudes.  In addition, I had to re-draw yesterday’s ancillary guy because I realized his hairstyle was too close to the character I was introducing.  Starting two new guys in the same strip with the same hair is just a bad idea.  Problem solved, though, it just took some extra time.  I think they still need some work though, but I’m going to leave that to future me with a fresh set of eyes.

I had a good talk with my sister today about Macs, I think I’m going to write something up this weekend about what the hell I intend to accomplish by having bought one, considering I have a perfectly good PC to use.

Today I watched more Kitchen Nightmares and then Magnolia, which I think I hit the sweet spot re:  forgetting enough about a movie before watching it again.  Such a great movie, but I didn’t get as much done staring at the screen.