Okay then, tried a few new things with the coloring/shading this time. We’ll see if they last.

One of the (many) drawbacks of a huge gap in production is a loss of progress in improving technique.  This isn’t to say, of course, that I’m automatically making things better with any change, but it was just too long to wait until the end of the episode (months, at least) to start experimenting.  Hopefully it’s not too different and hopefully it’s not a step back.

I’m pretty psyched to have all these guys in the same room for once (more or less).

↓ Transcript
Two weeks earlier...
Connection's up, sir.
Beryl, thanks for joining us. How are things going with our man Cubit?
So far, so good.
Wait, can we back up a little? Our interest in Q-Bert is what again?
So we need a bigger team, right?
Well, we figured the best way to grow it was through trial by fire, see who the real standouts are.
Right, and we need grits for the mill and the guy Cubit likes to mentor new hero-types.
I think you mean grist.
I like grits better.
Are they good? I've never had them.
We might be getting off track.