Yay and blerg.  While I’m very happy that I’ve finally picked up where I left off, I might have inadvertently built up some sort of suspense with that last (mostly unintended) break. Pretend it’s still January, please and thank you.  Happy MLK day, and our final strip of the episode will be up [click here to insert broken promise].

↓ Transcript
From time immemorial, life on earth has been expressed through both nature and nurture.
The nature of mutation and recombination, magnificent phenomena both, which continue, unabated.
The nurture of natural selection: A species' ability to survive, or even thrive, based on the viability of the aforementioned genetic changes.
Many would argue that this "nurture" has somewhat lessened of late, that the earth no longer exerts sufficient pressure on its passengers to determine its chosen few, that evolution has all but halted.
This stagnation is blamed on human intervention, born out of progress and compassion, as we simultaneously overdevelop the environment and clamor to protect the endangered.
I not so humbly submit to you that while this benevolence has somewhat diverted the course of natural selection, the work of man has forged its own path, one that finds direction in our work as geneticists.
It is through our work, our research, our experimentation, that we continue where natural selection has left off. We choose the mutation, the recombination. We design our own "nature."
At Traeger Moffatt, we've done this for more than a century. We also, of course, supply the nurture, choosing projects that fulfill our clients' needs and more importantly, the world at large.
Gollum! Gollum!
My pledge to you: clients, colleagues...competitors, is that while our innovation of recent history is not what it has been, our pipeline is strong with great things on the way.
Traeger Moffatt will continue to lead this industry and show the world the future, one base pair at a time.
We did have a small demonstration planned for you this afternoon, but it appears that...
Oh ye of little faith...and hair.
Need a light?