Episode 3 is on the horizon and it’s going to run considerably longer than episodes 1 and 2.  The script is written, the storyboards are drawn.  A few months ago, I sprung for a Cintiq and just recently I ordered Manga Studio.  Starting with this episode, I’m going to forgo the penciling on paper step and sketch it out on the computer.  This should save me some time in the long run, I hope.  Given that I’m making such big changes to the way I’m making the strip, I suspect that it might not look as good as I’d like it to, at first.  In the meantime, I’ve made some changes to the site, including migrating to Comic Easel, rather than Comic Press.  It seems to be working pretty well!

In other news, the place at which I’d been working is closing and I’ve been laid off.  Kind of a bittersweet deal but it should afford me considerably more time to work on the strip, at least until I find another job.  I have a lot of things planned for this interim, the most important of which is devoting real time to Villain.  I was reading my daily webcomics earlier and I saw that KC Green (Gunshow) ran a strip today that I had thought of doing myself for a while now.  I’m not saying I would have done it better, but I did take it as a sign that my ideas aren’t too far off the mark.  Maybe it goes without saying that Villain isn’t the only comic I want to do but I will be spending all my energy on it for the foreseeable future.

So, back to Episode 3.  I’m just waiting for Manga Studio to arrive (they recently got rid of digital delivery), then I can start getting used to it enough to get the first strip going (playing GTA5 in the meantime).  You may have noticed that the site lists my ETA as “October.”  I’m hoping that it will only be 2-3 weeks before I can publish.  From there, I intend to go to weekly updates, if not better.

See you soon!