I almost didn’t make a post tonight.  My time was running out before bed but I finally figured out a way to format the second strip.  Through the rehash I realized I hadn’t put enough thought into it and had to make some major changes.  I have something I can work with, I’m just hoping I haven’t gone too far in the other direction and the result will be disjointed or nonsensical.  I also realized I don’t have to make the storyboard full(ish) size, which saved me some time.  All I need is the general idea, which turns out to be about the size of my palm.  A larger size gives me a chance to practice my characters, but the smaller size lets me get it done.

I’ve been working at a faster pace, at the cost of some TV and XBOX time.  I’m okay with that, for now.  This is my priority, plus things are gonna get a lot more involved once I start drawing the strips.  As far as that goes, I plan on drawing them in pencil and then scanning them in.  From there, I’m going to use Adobe Illustrator to “ink” the scans.  It makes for crisp lines, and a lot more freedom if I make mistakes.  I acknowledge that this takes some of the heart(?) out of the drawings, but I like the result much better.  I still get to draw with a pencil, which I really enjoy, but I get a crisp finished product that looks good without my having to worry about dicking it up with actual penwork.  From there I’m going to use Photoshop to color them, which should bring a little bit of (he)art back into it.