My new computer came unreasonably fast and ahead of schedule, I’m typing on it now.  This is two firsts for me:  my first Mac, and my first laptop.  I’ve worked on both before, most of the computers at school were Macs, and my computer at work is a PC laptop.  This is just the first one that I’ve owned, and it’s certainly been quite a few years since I’ve used a Mac with any regularity.  To wit, it just took me 3 different tries to italicize the text above.

This is going to take some practice, I know very little about modern Macs. It took me about half an hour to figure out how to change my user account picture without using one of the defaults or the laptop’s camera, and the online support left something to be desired.  I did, however, take a certain degree of pleasure in figuring out I need to invert my mouse scroll so it makes sense to me.  Like Halo 🙂 (and every other shooter).

I finished strip number five.  Panels for strip six (the last of this episode) are printed and I’ve got part one sketched out.  I’m still on track to start inking this weekend, I’m gonna try doing it on this puppy.

Today I watched an assload of Kitchen Nightmares and then Watchmen while I installed Adobe programs and drew for the strip.  Oh, and I changed my eraser (my last one was making more marks then it was removing).  I haven’t misplaced the new one yet but the night’s still young.